Having itinerated west to the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference, I’m technically no longer Among the Hills, though a piece remains. Now, I’m just me, a PDX commuter. I’m now blogging at Haikus, doodles, writings, etc can or will all be found there.


A Just Take on the #WVWaterCrisis

Church, it is the truth that sets us free. O how I wish you were free. You are not free until the truth about Crude MCHM is known. You are not free until the CDC’s 1ppm designation is properly vetted. You are not free until the shower doesn’t burn. You are not free until governmental…


The Merciful Church

Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy, not sacrifice. Humanity still has a long way to go to learn Jesus’ lesson. As the church is an entity of humans, so too does the church have a lot to learn about mercy. What if mercy were at the heart of the Christian church’s witness…

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A Mountainous 2013

The Mountain Vista Moment of 2013…A Son is Born In the run-up to the due date, I was, admittedly, hoping for another daughter. A. has been such a delight and I was nervous about having a boy. Since we waited to find out the gender of our second-born, I was calm but uncertain. Wow, was…


A More Valuable Internet

I want my internet time to be more valuable. Right now I consume news and information, make snide anonymous comments and brood at what pops up on my Facebook feed. So one of my resolutions is to do the internet more in line with what I believe and hope to be. Step one is the…


Matthew 3: The Threshing Floor of Advent

Christmas is like chaff. There is this great life-giving gem that is the birth of a Savior, who will save all of Creation. We’ve taken this gem and wrapped it in good-intentioned but meaningless stuff. While I love a good present, I am more-and-more bothered by the lack of serenity in the world. What a…


Tithing Isn’t Christian

Last night was our budget meeting. We talked about our giving, wondered what we’re going to do for falling short on apportionments and bemoaned not having enough. A conversation arose about tithing. The older generation tithed as a ‘duty’. Others expressed how tithing gets rewarded: with further wealth or at least security. I’m a slower thinker,…